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Mixed facts about man

  • Man spends about as much time in front of a television apparatus as other predators spend in providing food.
  • Man form families that constitute the nucleus in a flock or family-group.
  • Man is extremely social and like living and working in a flock.
  • Man uses a large variety of tools.
  • They keep dry and warm nests, often cubically shaped.
  • They have a strong social organization, that is steered from the top. The power and capital are in the hands of a few. Most of them have very little influence. Some of them are even expelled.
  • Can climb a tree, at least when young.
  • Moves rather slowly, normal speed of walking is 5 km per hour.
  • Mating time is the whole year and 24 hours a day. After 9 month of pregnancy, birth is given normally to one child at a time, sometimes though to twins and way up to seven.
  • The children become sexually mature at an age of 12 - 15 years. They are not considered to have become adults prior to reaching 20 / 30 years of age.
  • Mans children are much dependent on their parents. They usually learn to go upright, on two feet, at an age of one year. Many of them stay with their parents until the age of 18 – 25 years.
  • Parents often deem it necessary, that children receive a lengthy training – at a so called school – prior to be released in the community. 12 – 15 years of scholastic training are considered necessary before they can live their own life.
  • Bad hearing and a blunt sense of smell, but good eyesight in daylight, sometimes with the help of ground pieces of glass.
  • Man, annually kills about 90 thousand elks and 220 thousand deer in Sweden. An elk yields about 150 kg of meat, a dear about 10 kg. Together this adds up to approx. 15.7 million kg of game meat. Moreover, man eats approx. 192 million kg of beef and 419 million kg of pork and 3.3 million kg meat of lamb. Altogether slightly more than 630 million kg of meat, resulting in an average annual meat consumption of 72 kg per individual.
  • Man constitutes the most aggressive and dangerous specimen of animal in the world, both to himself and to other animals. This is particularly true in connection with the drinking of alcohol and keeping to extreme religious or political beliefs.
  • Very strong in maintaining a home territory. Conflicts between territories are common and may cause from brawl to a World War.
  • Swedish male annually kill 15 – 20 females with whom they live in a relation or have had a relation with.
  • Every year the authorities in Sweden get notified of approx. 60 000 cases of maltreatment, 20 000 of which get classified as maltreatment of females. The real figure, though, is believed to be much higher.