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Is man dangerous?

MAN IS ONE OF THE FEW SPECIES OF ANIMALS, and probably the only one that possesses the ability of feeling compassion, even while in a group. And he can even feel compassion versus individuals of other sorts. Most probably man is the only species that possesses a biological moral and a conscience.

In spite of that, and notwithstanding mans unusual weak set up of big teeth and the total lack of claws, man should be considered as extremely dangerous. Man is and remains the most dangerous type of animal in the world, both to himself and other animals. Particularly in conjunction with the consumption of alcohol or the keeping to an extreme religious or political faith. Conflicts between home areas are not uncommon and regularly lead to everything between a minor brawl and a World War. The time and effort man devotes to extinct the other four predators is wholly unknown. But man has devoted still more time to eradicate samples of its own species, many times with a big success. During World War II man killed some dozens of millions of its own kind and that in Europe only.

DURING THE STONE AGE MAN MOSTLY USED SPEARS, clubs and axes against each other. Later on, weapons were refined to arrows and rifles and further towards todays incredible destructive nuclear weapons and chemical battle weapons. The last ten years, there have been wars going on simultaneously all the time all over the world. In the USA alone, -in spite of what is called peace time, every third minute a man is shot and killed somewhere.

ALL THE TIME NEW MASS GRAVES are discovered, after massacres in countries like Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Sudan or Chechnia. In Sweden, small brawl arising from happenings as not being allowed access to a night club, children messing in sand boxes or wrongly parking a vehicle, have sometimes led to violence and to peoples death.

MAN MUST BE CLASSIFIED AS THE CRUELEST of all living beings and is not satisfied by killing alone. In spite of starvation and illnesses, man devotes amazingly much time and money to develop tools for torture in order to prolong suffering. When a fellow man than finally ends up dead, man does not even take the meat and eats it, but burns the body or buries it in the earth to the joy of worms and insects only.

MOST DANGEROUS, FOR HIMSELF AS WELL AS FOR OTHERS man becomes when he operates a motorcar. Every year, several hundreds of people are killed in Sweden and many more get seriously injured in traffic accidents on our roads. Moreover, thousands of reindeer, dear, elks, foxes and many other animals get killed by traffic the same way.