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MAN IS A PRONOUNCED OMNIVORE, living mainly from vegetables and cereals to fruits, mushrooms, berries, fish, chips, sweet sodas, alcohol, sweets and meat.

The meat mainly origins from the kept, domestic animals, such as cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chicken and turkey. The meat is consumed in different shapes from Hamburgers and sausages to kebab, beef tenderloin or leg of sheep. Many also eat game meat, like deer steak, thinly sliced meat of smoked reindeer or filet of elk.

Some individuals build up considerable reserves of fat. In spite of that, they do not go into hibernation.

 In earlier times, man grew, fished or hunted its food. Today they buy their food from shops. Many of them eat mainly factory-made fast food with often doubtful nutrient contents and containing many artificially made components. That, in combination with a lack of movement makes man fat and less mobile.


MAN CHARACTERISES OF ITS UPPRIGHT movement and positioning as well as its scanty hair covering of the body. Man comes in a large variety of sizes and shapes. Length is between 150 and 210 cm and normal weight is 45 – 120 kg. Record examples may have a weight of up to 250 kg.

The colour of skin and hair shows large variations. The skin is from pale rose

to dark black-blue. The colour of the hair can be everything from light to dark.

 Mating time and children

MATING TIME FOR HUMANS  is from January to December The whole year and  24 hrs a day. After a pregnancy of 9 month, birth is given to one child, but it can also happen to be twins, triplets or quadruples. With adequate medical assistance birth may be given to up to 7 children at the end of a pregnancy.

Birth weight amounts approx. 3.5 kg.

The children acquire sexual maturity at the age of 12 – 15 years. However, they are not considered to become adult prior to 20 years of age.

Mans children are very much dependent upon their parents. Many of them leave the parents first at an age of 18 -25 years.

In order to know, how to live in the human society, most parents believe the children need a lengthy, coordinated training, a so called school. In many lands they are considered to need school training during 12 – 15 years before they can be released in the human society.

Home territories

 MAN TENDS TO STICK TO ITS’ OWN HOME TERRITORY. He defends it by building walls, fences of wood or bushes, etc., around its family home area. Conflicts about and between home territories are not uncommon and can result in everything between a brawl and a World War. All over the world man lives more and more in urban areas or big cities with mainly multiple stories houses, built in concrete. Fewer and fewer live in plain country. The depopulation of rural areas and subsequent reduction of the competition for land has been to the benefit for the other predators in many places.

To be in a day care nursery, at school, after school recreation or at work means more and more, that man stays the bigger part of a day indoors. In earlier times, man moved by foot or on horseback. Nowadays many of them sit trapped in cars, busses, trains or airplanes and look to nature only through a window. Hiking, climbing in the mountains, sport-fishing, skiing, recreational hunting and a long series of alternative recreational activities are a reaction upon it.