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Human (Homo sapiens)

Mans most important prey consists of it’s tame cattle,  which is being kept in corralls. Their meat is consumed in different shapes and compositions, such as hamburgers, Falun sausage, X-mas ham , grilled chicken, kebab, sauce of minced meat, hot dogs, liver pate or leg of mutton. The share of fish is much varying and depends upon where man lives.

Like other big predators, men like game meat, such as venison steak, thin slices of smoked reindeer or filet of elk. Also meat from deer, bear, ostrich, pheasant, hare, whale, buffalo as well as numerous other animals, slips down easily.

Man is the only species of predator, that destroys its own and other animals’ life environment. He changes nature with asphalt, concrete and excavation, drainage of wetlands, building of dams in the floods, filling out bays in the sea, sawing down forest areas, dumping waste in large size waste dumping and releasing uncontrolled quantities of chemicals and radio/active materials in their surroundings.

Man lives much longer than the other predators, but it is doubtful that he should be wiser for that.